When down-and-out, Jason Ramerez found and abandoned dog in a dumpster, he took her home, and worked tirelessly in attempt to save her. Unfortunately, the dog didn’t make it, but the next day, Jason found himself blessed with dog-like powers, as if granted to him by the spirit of the dog, in gratitude for his kindness. Jason used his powers to clean up his neighborhood, and to aid the homeless -- both human and animal.

Special Powers:

Enhanced Abilities: Pitfall has superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and agility. His strength is much greater than the maximum achievable by man, allowing him to flip over cars with ease, and perform similar feats of strength, or take a beating that would kill a normal person. He can perform super leaps, acrobatics, and run up to 40 miles per hour.

Animal Communication: Pitbull can communicate with dogs and similar animals, even persuade them to perform simple actions.

Enhanced Senses: Pitbull has an enhanced sense of smell and hearing, which are as powerful as that of a dog. He may hear sounds beyond the range of human hearing, identify or track people by scent, and read body language in both people and animals.