Hero Profiles:

ArgoKnights has over 100 members across the eight known dimensions. Please take this opportunity to get to know some of our more noteworthy members.


Ekhidna, The Mother Of Monsters:

Classics professor, Andrea Webb, discovered that she was an incarnation of Ekhidna, the ancient mother of monsters, and thus gained certain spiritual gifts from her monstrous offspring, giving her a precognitive heightened awareness, adrenaline surges which increase her physical abilities, and strange, but informative visions. An expert martial artist, Andrea uses her gifts to fight crime and injustice.

Special Powers:

Enhanced Awareness: Ekhidna has an innate sense of her surroundings, and is able to detect even the most subtle features, of the area and people surrounding her, that may work to her advantage. In dangerous situations, she can see hundreds of possible futures in an instant, and react as if she had practiced for it for months, making her seem incredibly skilled and agile.

Adrenaline: When necessary, Ekhidna is pumped with energy, increasing her strength and speed to olympic levels.

Visions: Ekhidna has strange visions which often reveal valuable information, helping her solve mysteries and crimes. She can, on occasion, even converse with the dead.